Big Poppa Smokers & BJ's Brewhouse - Summer 2013 / by MEAT ME

This is the video that has been taking up so much of my time lately. It looks like MEAT ME's videos have finally paid off. Sterling Ball of Big Poppa Smokers asked me to shoot his summer video launching his new partnership with BJ's Restaurants. They are using his Sweet Money rub on their ribs, and his Jallelujah rub on their french fries. Together they are packing quite the flavorful punch.

Sterling isn't lying when he say's, "As a consumer you are not expecting this good-a-rib at a restaurant!"

I co-direct this video with Ryan McClain, Sterling's Director of Event & Entertainment Marketing. We spent about 2 days shooting a recreation of the original magic that brought both Big Poppa and BJ's Restaurants together. Following the shoot I spent another 3 weeks editing and finally finished with this wonderful gem.

I would like to personally thank Sterling Ball aka Big Poppa, for the opportunity to create such a high quality product. They were a blast to work with and I look forward to creating more awesome videos in the future.

You can order Sweet Money and Jallelujah rubs right off Big Poppa's Website.

Finally success,
Sean Rice