National BBQ Tour 2014: Needs your HELP!!! / by MEAT ME

Have you ever had a dream you could not stop chasing? Mine is barbecue. My name is Jeremiah Johnson and I have teamed up with my brother in law and a few friends to create a national traveling vending and competition barbecue team, named ”Buffalo Boys Barbecue”. We hail from Grass Valley, California and want to show the Nation how we do true classic barbecue with flavors from California.  

Our Goal:

We need to raise $20,000 to purchase a commercial smoker, a trailer, several gas ranges, banners and a few other supplies for 2014 Barbecue Tour. Our goal is to tour the nation from April to October doing 25 to 30 shows. Some show will be competition style events and others will be straight vending events.

Our Back Story:

About five years ago I created a barbecue Blog all about California BBQ Events to share what I was learning. That blog turned into local competition team. We did a couple KCBS events, never placed but we learned a lot. During one of the events a Pitmaster suggested going to culinary school to learn the basics of cooking and to learn how to run a successful food business. So I did. 15 months later I was working for several restaurants learning everything I could. In my spare time I developed several sauces, rubs and kept learning more about true barbecue.

One of my favorite events to attend is the Best of the West Rib Cook Off in Sparks, Nevada. The teams that compete in this event are from all around the country. Its unlike any event we have in California and few California teams have been able to get into this event. It’s our dream to become on of those teams to travel the road. But we need to do our time on the road winning other events to get into this one.


Currently my team and I work in different areas of the restaurant and construction business. We are spending the rest of this year working out the final versions of our sauces and rubs to have packaged for resell by the new year. We are also contacting promoters and sending in our applications for the 2014 events. Most application have to be in before October. We have to earn spots into some of the bigger events and its hard for a California Team to get in.  When you tell promoter in Kansas City you’re a team from California they just laugh and ask if we just smoke vegetables or real meat. We want to change everyone’s perception about how we do barbecue in the golden state. There are very few teams that travel out side our state.

Our Long Term Goals:

We are in this for the long term. This journey started out as a blog. It started as a way to have fun and feed some friends. We want to tour for the next 2 to 3 years. Showing the nation and our piers we know true low and slow down home barbecue. Earning the respect of the barbecue world is first on our list.  Our touring will promote the sauces and rub, plus we gain valuable experience that will insure we know everything about the barbecue business. After we tour for the next coming years we will open a restaurant in Northern California to show cases what we have earned on the road. We will still tour and do large events.

Your Support:

Your support is going to help us raise enough funds to buy the equipment we need to get on the road. This is not going to an easy journey and we will spend a lot of time away from our families, but it’s what we need to do get the next level in our careers.  We could be like most and just open a restaurant and say we have the best barbecue but we want to earn it. We want the pitmaster that paved the way for us to say “They do have some DAM GOOD BBQ”.

The funds we earn will buy us a large commercial smoker to feed thousands of people at a time. Every time someone walks away from out both you helped feed them. Please help us on our journey to the top of the barbecue world.  

Perks for your contribution

Personal Socal Thank You 

We will thank you on our Facebook Pages, Twitter and Blogs.
Estimated delivery: May 2013 

Fire Starter 

Get a Social Thanks You + Buffalo Boy Stickers.
Estimated delivery: July 2013 
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Flame On 

Social Thank You + Buffalo Boys Stickers + bag of our wing rub
Estimated delivery: July 2013 


Social Thank You + Buffalo Boys Stickers + Wing Rub + Your Name Added to Our Thank You Banner seen at every vending event we do.
Estimated delivery: July 2013 

Smokin Hot 

Social Thank You + Buffalo Boys Stickers + Wing Rub + Name on the Banner Wall + a Buffalo Boys Shirt
Estimated delivery: July 2013 

Meat Eater 

Social Thank You + Buffalo Boys Stickers + Wing Rub + Name on the Banner Wall + a Buffalo Boys Shirt + a Personal Video  shout out to you or your company during one of our events sent out on all our Social Media Sources.
Estimated delivery: July 2013 

Pit Helper 

All of the above perks plus we will create your own personal rub blend complete with labels. Not intended for resell.
Estimated delivery: July 2013


All of the above plus you can be our guest pitmaster during one of our events. You will have to arrange to get to our location but we will feed and supply drinks.
Estimated delivery: July 2013 

Sean Rice

PS More MEAT, Inc. Episodes to come later this week.