The American Royal featuring El Fuego Fiasco - Day 6 / by MEAT ME

And so here it is... The very final and last episode of The American Royal featuring the California BBQ Team El Fuego Fiasco. I am truly sad that it is over. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire life. Like all of us who struggled last year they were one of the ones who didn't quit, no matter what.

They came all this way with monstrous obstacles coming at them left and right, and not for a single moment did they say, "forget it". Aside from the challenge of competing in the biggest barbecue competition in the United States they were faced with; a trailer hitch that was too low, the trailer almost got stuck in the airport parking lot, the hotel told them to park in a garage that didn't allow trailers risking a tow, being on time to pick up Josh and Chris, they had no storage containers, they had never cooked in 30ยบ weather, someone was parked in their spot, they didn't order a port-a-potty, they had no way of washing dishes, one of the turn in boxes was built upside down, the chicken wasn't completely thawed when they needed to start cook it, the fire went out 20 mins before turn in's, the briskest and pork shoulders were an hour behind schedule, and they used a fucking inflatable mattress blower to finish the chicken in time so they could come in 35th in the Nation. 

In 5 years I won't remember who the fuck won The American Royal in 2012, I'll remember who came together as a team and made sure that not one man would let the other one down.

I don't know about any of you, but I know if I had the chance to do this all over again but had to choose between Big Poppa Smokers or El Fuego Fiasco, with out a doubt I would have gone "El Fuego"!!!

There is no WRONG in team,
Sean Rice