Duck Commander Recipes: It Ain't No Quack, Jack! / by MEAT ME

I love it, you love it, we all really need to love it! If you haven't seen the show Duck Dynasty on A&E get on it. You are missing out. It's probably the best damn family show on TV. They always end each episode with a prayer and giant family meal that is made from animals off of their own land. Now as I strive to eventually live the same type of life style I need recipes to hold me over in the mean time. 

If you followed me on my road trip last year to New Orleans you would know that there really is anything better than good Cajun, Southern Food. No one, and I mean no one makes it better than Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. She has a COOKING VIDEO on Amazon that you can buy that has a lot of her recipes on it.

I would literally donate an organ if I had an opportunity to spend a week learning how to cook from this woman. Not only do people flock from all over the city just to eat her pies, the entire family functions off of her cooking.

Now, they actually have a link on the Duck Commander website that has a lot of Miss Kay's recipes on it. I could not wait to share this with you, let alone try them out myself.

If you don't have Dove, get some! You are gonna need it for this recipe. I can't imagine it getting any better than this. Here is a link to the Bacon and Jalapeno Wrapped Dove.

You can check out all of their recipes here at Duck Commander Recipes. I promise you will not be disappointed. There truly isn't anything better than authentic southern food.

Go be one with your food and enjoy the delicious treats this planet has to offer.

Happy Happy Happy,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME