The American Royal: A Daily Documentary on El Fuego Fiasco / by MEAT ME

Starting October 1st I will be leaving with the El Fuego Fiasco BBQ team as they take on their life long dream of competing at The American Royal in Kansas City, MO. I will be traveling with them, living with them and video tapping every moment of their journey. I start the second they pack up and leave  to the actual cook at the competition finishing to the day they return.

The American Royal BBQ Competition is the largest in the US with just over 500 teams it is often considered the Olympics of BBQ. Teams travel from all over the US and the world to be crowned champion of this awesome event.

On this trip you will get a chance to meet several different teams, see what everyone is cooking, as well as what El Fuego Fiasco will go thru as they try and get their name into the BBQ Hall of Fame.

I will be filming almost every moment so you will get a chance to see the good the bad, and the ugly moments during this great competition. If you haven't see El Fuego Fiasco in action you're in for quiet a treat.

If you are competing at this event and would like to be apart of this special short or would just like to say hello please feel free to hit me up on twitter @meatemblog or by email meatmeblog(at) I look forward to bringing you this amazing event as well as an in depth look into what it's like to be El Fuego Fiasco.

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Sean Rice