Meatrake: How To Video and Free Giveaway from MEAT ME / by MEAT ME

I am so excited for this product you have no idea. Ever find yourself waiting for your meat to cool off so you can pull it apart to put in a sandwich?


I now introduce to you the Meatrake from . You can rake apart your meat while it is hot and have it ready for a sandwich in seconds. So now when the party is on and the people are hungry no one has to wait any longer. The food is served!

Now you a chance to WIN the free pair of Meatrake's  used in this video. Go to Post a photo of your favorite BBQ with the title "Meatrake Challenge" On April 30th the image with the most LIKES wins the free pair of Meat Rakes.

In this video I demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to use the Meatrakes. Check it Out!

Get your Rake On!

Now most of you who know me know I don't just support any product. The product has to have more than 3 reasons to use it or it is just wasting space in my kitchen. The Meatrake works, it is reasonably priced, and it serves many useful purposes.

Good Luck and ENJOY! Order yours today at

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Get Your RAKE On,
Sean Rice