MEAT: A True Love Story, BEEF Taste Test - Part 4 / by MEAT ME

Here it is. The 4th and final chapter in Moo to Mouth MEAT: A True Love Story. I have always thought that beef tasted the same, but only changed when flavor was added to it. Boy was I wrong. I spoke with Beef Tasting Enthusiast Carrie Oliver from the Artisan Beef Institute. So many factors play a role in how cooked beef will taste.

In this video I have 3 different types of beef from 3 different cows, all grass finished at 3 different times. 2 of the samples (fall & spring) of are from Megan Brown at the Table Mountain Ranch and one sample is from Lindy & Grundy Meats. I am able to taste such a wide range of flavors just between these 3 samples.

I am not a professional beef taste tester but with the help of Carrie Oliver's Offical Artisan Beef Tasting Guide I am about to describe what it is that I am tasting. As it turns out beef tasting is a lot like wine there are so many different types and there is an art to tasting it. Here is a like to Carrie's official tasting guides:

I hope everyone has enjoyed this series. I would like to thank Megan Brown and the Table Mountain Ranch, Jenny Dewey and the Chico Locker and Sausage Co. and Lindy and Grundy Meat's for taking the time to let me see into their lives and educate my readers on where MEAT comes from. I would also like to thank you my readers for your your support, I could not do this without you.

My next quest is to work on a cattle ranch during the slaughtering season as well as a meat processing plant for a week (at each) and video tape my experience and share it with you. My goal is to educate consumers as to how and where their meat comes from. I feel that if we educate consumers ranter than shove negative propaganda in their face they can better understand the choices when buying agriculture. Just like every organization there is the good and the bad. Read your labels and educated yourself about what it is you are eating and where it is coming from. If we start doing this now in 10 years we are more likely to be eating what we want rather than what we are told we want. It is up to us to support the right way of doing things.

If you are interested in helping me out on my next quest please feel free to contact me at meatmeblog(at)gmail(dot)com I look forward to hearing from you and changing the world together.

To the greater good,
Sean Rice

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