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Finally… the coolest piece of editorial I have seen in a long time; a cool fucking magazine about FOOD. Lucky Peach. This particular issue focuses on Cooks and Chefs with an exploration into how things where, are, and might end up being. The entire mag is done by industry professionals not people like me who sit on their ass, stuff their faces and then tell you all about it later. These people live this stuff.

In one of the opening spread’s titled Eat, Drink, Fuck, Die writer Anthony Bourdain serves up his tasty perspective on some well known films about food. He rants and raves about Eat Drink Man Women, Munich, and La Grande Bouffe. I could not help but relate to, “Food can be a vessel for “love” or contain in some way the “soul” of the cook who prepared it!” I could not help but drool as he describes scene’s from the movies you might want to eat before you read this one.

The next story goes deep into the art of owning and running a restaurant with chefs Fred Morin and Davin McMillan of Joe Beef and Liverpool house in Montreal. They touch on the details of cleanliness, starting out, the system, and being a chef covering the A to Z of the restaurant biz. “The Art of Toilet Cleanliness According to Joe Beef” gives you great perspective from someone with over 22 years of experience in the biz.

The story finishes with how to make Cahard Au Sang aka Canard Á La Presse which involves crushing the carcass of a duck to extract its juices and blood. Sounds delish! How could anyone pass that up?

The next interview is with a cook on the South Pole. Holy Shit! There is a job on the South Pole cooking food and this guy tells you all about it. It is so interesting you should be clicking this link right now to order it and read it for yourself. Truly a unique perspective you might want to put a jacket on to read it.

Ever thought of being a lunch lady? Rachel Khong gives you an inside look into what it is like being Julia Xiomara Alvarez Oweis at Flynn Elementary in San Francisco, California. It is a lot more interesting then one might think.

Batali Beat is written by famous chef Mario Batali he takes you through a brief history of cooking with Julia Child all the way to the modern day foodie. How people became cooks because there where no other jobs; to how chefs today will spend a life time attaining perfection. Now days with TV and the internet people are becoming more educated about what there is to eat and Mario speaks on how that effects the future of the culinary industry.

I was so excited to read this, “The Celebrity Distillation Apparatus: Chris Cechin on Chefs in the Media” Chris breaks down the difference between “celebrity chef “and “celebrity made chefs” like Mario Batali vs Rachael Ray. Great insight into real versus the unreal and how everything is driven by networks and their sponsors. What has the Food Network done for us? And what is it doing to us now? Read it he will tell you!

Food Art by Matt Furie! Need I say more? Anytime there is art about food I am there? I don’t think it is done enough and this magazine is full of it. Love it! Love it!

Thinking about going to culinary School?  Well they cover all of that too, it’s a big decision to make and Mark Wilson sifts through all the things to consider.

The death of fine cooking. Is it possible? Is fast food and chain restaurants killing fine dining? Dave Chang talks about the way food was and where it is today. I found it interesting that there are things that we can do as young chefs and consumers to help support and educate ourselves about what fine dining really is and how to support it.

Towards the end there is a lovely 5 page illustrated story about "The Secret Lives of Chefs" by Lisa Hanawalt probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. It includes some of my favorite chefs Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Julia Child just to name a few.

If you are looking for information, a great perspective, or just some culinary entertainment? Subscribe to Lucky Peach. I can't encourage you enough to pick up this well done creative delight. Support quality entertainment and it will love you back. Not to mentions it is packed full of recipes.

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Sean Rice
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