Don’t get frustrated with your FOOD! / by MEAT ME

Yes don’t! You could ruin your experience. You might as well take your food, throw it on the floor, pick it back up and try and eat it. Good luck with that. I see burger joints popin’ up left and right. I mean they are everywhere. This trend definitely has Los Angeles by the balls. In LA restaurants open and close as often as your mouth. One day something is open the next it is closed. It is really hard to keep track of. Often it’s the same owner, they open up, get bored, close it, and open something else. Gotta be on trend I guess.

So last week I was driving on Sunset Blvd and I saw a place called the Burger Lounge. I went back the next day and found out it was not open yet. One of the construction guys said it would be open this Friday. I emailed the owner asking him when it would be open he said Monday, and he would love to get me some food on the house for my review. I politely declined and said no worries my reviews are not just about the food, they are about the experience. I got it, and if you don’t figure out its me with the camera I will leave you my card on the way out.

So I went back a 3rd time on Monday, I even twitted to them that I was going. I got there and they were still doing construction. Some one guy said to me that they are open tomorrow. Today is that day. I went down there for the 4th time around 1:13 pm and I still see them working on a few things, but they have servers now. Probably training but they told me they would be open tonight… Sorry I just can’t do it. Maybe Friday like the original guy told me. I don’t blame them completely but what are you going to do. Uggggggg! It is what it is. Nonetheless I am frustrated.

I did read a review from (awesome blog by the way!) about Short Order that opened (When I did The Farm I was looking for it. Turns out it was on the other side of the Farmers Market, I know I am a tard!) at the Farmers Market.  So I decided to go there. It is Holiday Season so the parking lot is full to the brim so I have to park at The Grove and walk all the way back.

By this time my already hungry girlfriend is starving and is now in hunting mode. So I am sure you can guess my frustration level is like an 8 out of 10 now. I am even walking faster. We arrive and I of course need to take pictures of the outside. So I try to avoid the eager beaver from getting in my shots, well saying it in the nicest way possible of course!

So I snap a few off and we head in. Now they have an upstairs that we did not check out, or this little out side area. I figured I would pick the closest possible seat to avoid sharing any decision making.  Plus the lighting was very nice so that made it easy too.

We sit down and how nice the place matt is the menu and I notice right away that this is one of these fancy themed restaurants that likes every little thing to be trademarked to their brand. Also they are out the butt organic. This place is great so far just remember I am frustrated! So they have all their own organic sodas. Not the normal Diet Coke that I was hoping for (its like my crutch) so I stay positive and think of this as an opportunity to try something new so I get the Cream Soda and a water. It comes in one of their fancy jars… Lovely.

Now at this time it is cold (to the girlfriend) and the wind is picking up equaling more frustration because now we have to strap down whatever comes to the table.

One thing I did notice around me is that wither people were eating or waiting for food everyone was really happy. The people that worked there were very pleasant which is very nice to experience and easy on my frustration. It is time to order and I go strait for the “What is your most awesomest thing and they said… blah blah blah with bacon and I said I will have that! It is the Nancy’s Backyard Burger. A beef blend with artisan bacon, comté, avocado, tomato, onion, iceberg, spicy mayo. Laura got the Tuna Melt described as being flaked albacore, mayo, chives, cheddar, comté. At this point I need food. I don’t care what it is. I need to eat before I punch someone in the face! Sooooooo I also get the short order spuds, “old school” fries, and a chocolate flavored custard shake to help myself feel better.

In a mater of minutes that shake is on my table and in my mouth! That shit was heaven! It was an absolute spot hitter. It was a sexy, heavy, Strauss Dairy, SUPER SUPER rich chocolate custard shake. To be honest after a few sips I never got it back from the girlfriend (My fault I was taking pictures.).

It could have been a minute or two later and the food was here. Great service always makes me feel better. You would be proud of me for the second time in a row I had them leave the vegetables, but after Jim Gaffigan’s tweet of, “Lettuce on a cheeseburger is like a fat guy in shorts.” I think that trend with me is fading fast. Who knows we’ll see.

I made Laura wait so I could grab some shots of her tuna melt (which is fresh albacore poached in house) and lets just say that it was the equivalent of putting a raw t-bone in front of a lion and telling him to pose for a picture. It is a bad idea and someone is going to get hurt. Especially when they have not eaten all day.

We both took our bites and looked at each other and it was like we fell in love all over again. Tasty, juicy, flavors, after every bite, a real party in my mouth. Some crunch from the veggies but that’s ok. I tired Laura’s T-melt and it was, as she said, “Really light and fluffy!”

The tuna and the bread really complimented each other well, and it wasn’t pack full of vegetables like I hate. So this was probably one of the best I have ever had. The burger was everything I wanted it to be. Even though Laura was so cold she was almost wearing all of my clothes, with rising blood sugar, the outlook on life was looking a lot better.

The fries and spuds were delish and super duper crunchy too. They really did a nice job with the spuds. Crispy outside and soft squishy inside, just like me. It was kind of the perfect meal.

Yep except for a few fries the entire table was demolished and soon was my wallet. I got the bill it was $47.03 with tip $55.03 total. Ouch. I was not expecting that at all… May be high $30’s but I guess I ordered a lot of stuff, and I am paying for organic.

Trust me I love organic. Fatten those cows up I want that juicy beef, but it hurts me to have to pay for it. So until I can make some more money to afford more food you can go and MEAT ME!

You can find out more about Short Order at:
They wanted me to share with you that they are now offering an Adult milk shake called "Charlie Brown"
Vanilla Custard Peanut infused 114 proof Old Grand Dad, house made chocolate ganache & salted peanut sauce, finished with toasted peanuts.

Shut up and EAT,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME!