reMEAT – Hole in the Wall Burger Joint / by MEAT ME

I could not resist not knowing what the burger would actually taste like with the BACON in it. Ever since I posted "Where's the BACON?" at the Hole in the Wall burger joint, it has kind of become a big deal. The blog post soared to the top of my charts. I thought that going back there and taking some nicer photos would help give it the respect that it deserves.

Rather than degrade the images with my words I will let them speak for them selves. I ordered the beef burger with the pretzel bun, chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, and French fries.

I got their custom made ketchup and thousand island sauce. The thousand-island sauce is so unbelievably amazing that it could be used as currency. I am that fucking serious!

Remember just like In-N-Out Burger get a spoonful of the thousand island and put it on the burger before each bite and you can never… ever... go wrong. It’s a sin to not do this.

Soak it in!

I know I am sure you are wondering, "If I am making it all about the food then why are there pictures of me in there?"

Because! You need to know that this food even makes me look good... Thats how good it is.

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Remember - CASH ONLY!

Don't even think about it... Just MEAT IT!,
Sean Rice
aka MEAT ME!