Got to get my MEAT on! / by MEAT ME

“Yep. Yep. Yep.”, that’s all she had to say. I ordered the Caramelized rabbit leg, scallops and prime rib. Not a... Is that all? How would you like that cooked? Nothing! She was a bit bitchier than I usually like my bartenders but what do you expect from a hangover.

So it’s Saturday and this week my GamerFood partners and I launched We offer snack foods that are enfused with caffeine and taurine made specifically for us Gamers. With that all wrapped up my girlfriend got us tickets to Comikazie in downtown Los Angeles. I never usually go to events like these. This is mainly because of the “uncomfortable geek” factor. It is not that I am any better (Geeks Rule, I am one!) but as a Geek I relate better in smaller groups – and at this event there were hordes of them… in costume… acting in character. The convention, I believe, is attempting to be the LA version of Comicon. For its first year out, not bad, but it has a ways to go. It honestly felt more like Halloween at Costco.

Being that we were all ready in downtown my lady wanted to try something new. Someone from her work recommended the Lazy Ox Canteen. I could not wait. After all of that walking I needed to get my MEAT on. We parked in the lot next door and walked right over. We did not know we needed reservations but they were kind enough to offer us dinner at the bar.

This place had a really cool look to it, a very rustic vibe. To be honest I felt like a real cowboy as I mounted my bar stool. It was a little tight but that is usually expected in restaurants downtown. We were handed menus.On the top it said Diner Menu and in the middle it said Chalkboard Specials. I had no idea if the top was appetizers and the bottom was main dishes. It was not very clear but the chalkboard on the wall said Chalkboard Specials. I asked the bartender if I had the dinner Menu she said, “Yes!” She was quick to ask us our drinks and repeatedly wanted to know are order. Giving me the impression that she wanted us to get it over with.

I asked her what kind of meat they were known for and she explained that the menu changes daily (with the expatiation that I was already supposed to know that) but she did recommend the whole roasted branzino and the scallops. Both are seafood dishes in case she “didn’t already know that.” But maybe… I wasn’t specific enough... so that ones probably on me.

On her 4th time around we finally (how dare us) ordered the caramelized rabbit leg, 10oz niman ranch ribeye, and the seared bay scallops with parsnip. As I ordered she replied, “Yep, yep, yep!” So pleasant! As she’s putting in the order I had to yell, “Can I get that medium rare?” Guess what she replied? “YEP!” She obviously did not want to be there, nor did she want us their either. She was being some what of a Lazy Ox if you know what I mean...

The overall restaurant was awesome I can’t wait to go again, but that bartender’s hangover could have ruined our whole night (over heard her explain it to a regular). Its one thing when your drinking ruins your own night, but when it starts to ruin the customers… Someone needs to double check their priorities. I get it if you like to go out and get fucked up, I am totally for it, but do it when you don’t have to work the next day. I believe that falls under the “Drink Responsibly” umbrella.

As much as there is a customer code of ethics, there is also a bartender code of ethics. By this I mean, not only was she rude and short, she had a co-worker giving her a nice shoulder rub down by the register. I wanted to throw something at them! Are you serious? This is a nice restaurant (For $110 it better be)… Come on! Just as much as I am supposed to hold myself back from, saying “Bitch, What’s with the attitude!”, throwing something at her, or having a full on make-out/rub-down session with my girlfriend.   I expect the wait staff to at least be pleasant and act professional.

Thank God the food came because I was about to throw up in my mouth! First the Rabbit, which was amazing. I joked about it tasting just like chicken. The lady friend was bit worried about bunny flavor, but it was very pleasant. Then came the ribeye and the scallops.  The presentation was fantastic. It was so beautiful it made me feel respected. Almost as if the food was looking its best for me. After the first few bites I couldn’t stop the motion of shoving meat into my mouth.  It was probably the juiciest piece of meat I have ever had (seriously)! Then I hit the scallops. They were like squishy buttery balls of goodness. The spices in the butter made me want to stick a straw in it and start sucking. I could not get enough. At this point I was dipping everything in it. I was in heaven and it felt like at least the chef had respect for me.

The bartender had become more and more attentive throughout our meal. So quick to refill my diet cokes she was slowly winning me back. Now with a full stomach and higher blood sugar she didn't seem to be all that bad. I guess we are all entitled to bad days.

Overall it was excellent! I can’t wait to go back and try something that actually has some OX in it. May be in the end it was just me. I guess I will never know and you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

No one is perfect, and yes if it were my restaurant I would have fired that person (or given them one hell of a talking to!).  Cause for one, the customer pays your bills and does not deserve any attitude - second don't bite the hand that feeds you. With that said... MEAT ME!

P.S. I tipped more than 15% because technically... the service wasn’t bad, it just came with an attitude.

You can find out more info on the Lazy Ox Canteen@

It's the truth,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME