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How often can you find  place that has exactly what you want, is fast, and offers healthy options. Not many places do, but Poquito Mas does. Right after my write up about Carls Jr. I had been getting a lot of shit over reviewing a fast food place expecting good results. I was told, “What can you expect from fast food? It will always be horrible!” I felt challenged! Thank you Tyler, for getting in my head. I could not stop thinking about this. I am very impatient, and if I have to wait longer than 5 minutes for food (even at a nice restaurant) I tend to get a little pissy!

Last Friday I was tired, the girlfriend was tired. I didn’t know how I was going to survive one more crap-infested meal. She was very insistent on having tortilla soup. I thought and thought and remembered the Poquito Mas on Sunset Blvd. Perfect. We headed out, drove up, and parked. Luckily with all the action on sunset there was barley anyone there. More guys started to filer in almost to the point that it was getting a little sausage festy. Not being able to make up my mind these days I ask the typical “What’s your best seller?” question and of course I get the usual lets point to the most expensive seafood thing on the menu. I said, “No, what are guys known for?” he said, “Ohh… the burritos!” “Chicken burrito Please!” The girlfriend got the chicken tacos and the sought after  tortilla soup.

Many of these “Made to Order” Mexican places that have their lovely salsa cart. It is screaming at you when you walk in the door. Like… “Look at what we've got… and its FREE!” Well at least that’s what they make you think. You have to work for it. Now before I completely go off. This is not the only place that has one of these carts, Baja Freash, El Pollo Loco, etc. Some how they have all gotten together and decided:

Hey lets fuck with our American customers. We will offer free salsa but we will give them a one inch deep cup to put it in." "We will let them have as many as they want, but by the 3rd one they will probably be to tired to get anymore.” Is this starting to sound familiar? “If they ask for a big bowl to put it in we’ll charge them for it.” “After all why would American’s pay for something that they can get for free (Think bottled water, its genius)?” And here is the best part “If we are not laughing by the time they have filled 20 little cups, we will be on the floor when they try to dip the three inch chip in to the one inch cup.

Seriously by the 3rd fucking chip I wanted to push over the salsa cart! Come on people I know I am not the only one who feels this way. This needs to change. If we can evolve to checking email on iPads, then we can evolve in to 3 inch cups. I am tired of being laughed at! Always being that stupid white guy who sits in the corner trying to eat out of the Mexican laughing cups.  This if my final warning to you companies…

If you don’t make these cups bigger you’ll find my ass double dipping right at your super awesome salsa carts! I urge every single one of you to do this and send me a photo. These corporation’s need to know that their unsustainable way of saving money isn’t just bad for our planet its an insult to their customers.

By this point it seemed like the amount of sausage inside tripled, it had now grown into Cocktoberfest!

So… our food… Was here in 3 minutes. So at least they have this working for them. Everything looks ready for consumption. I take a bite, its great. All of the flavors melting together nicely in my mouth. 4 to 5 bites in and oil or butter is pouring out of my burrito. Just like I stabbed it with a knife. It went from thoughts of being healthy sounds of myself getting fatter. My lady friends tacos were a delight and the tortilla soup a perfect blend of seasoning and vegetables… Yucky, but it was good.

I don’t understand the point of putting so much oil or grease on food. It always ruins a good meal and happens more often then I would like. Aside from this experience I can usually say that Poquito Mas generally has great food, but if it is not fast food and it is not a restaurant, than what is it?

The food is completely consumed and at this point I am totally over whelmed by Cocktoberfest 2011.On the way out a female finally entered deferring some of the “eyeball man hunting” raining down on my girlfriend (she’s pretty hot and I’m very proud).

In the 3 minutes it took to get our food I was brought back to Tyler’s comments. The food was quick, for the most part good, and they had healthy options on the menu. To me this was fast food. When I shared my little triumph with my neighbor Katie she explained that what I ordered was not fast food merely food “Made to Order”. She was right and had a very valid point.

So in my half win, half fail. I felt I had addressed both issues. Unfortunately I did not truly take on Tylers challenge. I am realizing that like them, I too have my own opinion. Fast food to me is anything under 5 minutes, starting the second I walk in the door or pull up to the drive thru.

Poquito Mas was under 5 minutes, had healthy options on the menu, and no waiting. In the end it is a hybrid of food styles and from this day forward it shall be called a HYBRO! So MEAT ME… or say something in the comments section???

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