Are you up for THE FITE? / by MEAT ME

I sure am. It’s time to do lunch with Mr. Fite! Probably one of the coolest guys I know, but also one of the most opinionated motherfuckers I know. It’s a blessing for all of us that this guy doesn’t have a Podcast or he’d run all of our ears into the ground.

Not only is this guy a political opinionator, he is a fantasy football workhorse. He is currently a member of 12 fantasy football leagues. To top it all of he has a system to all of his madness and plenty of passion to tell you what your doing wrong. How he has time to do anything is besides me.

If I were to check my Facebook every 20 minutes I could almost guarantee a new post him. Each one more important than the last. Almost always they are politically related with the comments section going for days. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was easy to ruffle his feathers I don't think he'd be that much fun to hang with. He just takes everything so damn serious (sorry, love you dude).

Despite all of that I figured it was time for lunch with THE FITE. Lately I have been struggling with reader interaction. I never get any feed back from you people so it was time to come up with a new strategy. I figured the best way to meet with Matt was over food. At least with his mouth half full we could keep the subject matter focused (sorry dude! Still love you).

We decide to meet at The Counter. I was in the mood for a good tasty burger and knew they would not disappoint. I show up and after the first round of fist bumps the first thing out of his mouth is, “How much did you regret giving up Sproles for Meachem?” At that point I knew what I was in for and I could not wait to order.

The Counter has a multi-option style of menu, you get to check-off a list of what you would like on your burger. Having the option to get a 1-pound burger was something I was not going to pass up. The only problem is that it takes a little over 20 minutes to make, and with all the talking Matt could do I knew we needed an appetizer.

I ordered the 1 pounder with chili, cheese, jalapeños and mayo. Matt got the ½ pounder with grilled onions, peppers, coleslaw, jack cheese, and pickles.  With those options you'd think he'd closed his eyes and randomly pencil dropped the options on his burger. To start we got the chili cheese fries just as they come. Here you have to order the fries separately because they do not come with the burger.

The appetizer came and it is solid. Bite after bite of home made chili goodness. Normally I don’t like onions on anything, unless it is added as minimal flavor (it is a texture thing or me). Luckily these were chopped up nice and small. As you can see as we each took turns digging until we got to that uncomfortable food bridge when neither person wants to touch the other persons food. Personally I don’t care, more for me.

The server brought our food as if she was herding the cattle all by herself. Big meat requires lots of work. She must get very tired. As a bonus... It didn’t take too long and the burgers were cooked to perfection. In the past I have had issues with how they cook their meat. Normally I like it medium rare on a half pound or smaller, and medium on anything larger. Instead I have gotten rare to almost not cooked in the middle but it looks like that issue has been taken care of.

I was a little surprised after first bites Matt did not have much to say. I guess that means the food did it's job. Normally I yell about where are my jalapeños but they are hiding under the massive cow sitting on my bun. You would think a place that serves a massive 1-pounder would have chili pouring off the top of the burger. Not this place they give you a tiny little (Mexican salsa) cup of chili. That is all! And Yes! You are actually paying extra for that tiny ass side of chili.

I feel that places that get super duper fancy with all the sides, toppings and add-ons really suffer when it comes to the main objective a really “Tasty Fuckin’ Burger!” They get so caught up in having tons of options that they end up lacking in the most perfect possible out come.

As much as I believe in customization and making everything your own, the customer shouldn’t have to be the cook. I am sure most people get over whelmed when they see all these options and more often than not come up with combinations that don’t work together. I think it helps to have a starting point, like they do, and offer ready to order burgers on the menu. The customers will always change things to work in their favor.

His burger and mine turned out to be pretty delightful. I got ¾ of the way though mine and the MOUTH only finished ½ of his. For some odd reason I felt the need to get dessert. I have a soft spot in my stomach for a giant cookie under a scoop of ice cream. This thing was perfect. It touched me in places I haven’t been touched in a long time… And it was good.

So it turns out Mr. Fite’s strategy for multiple feedback isn't really my style. He believes in being controversial and overly opinionated about absolutely everything. My fantasy league can vouch for that. Fortunately for me there are certain things I just do not care about... Kind of how he feels about foodies.

So just keep in mind that the jack-of-all-trades can also be the jack-ass of none. “Mr. Fantasy Football owner who is 3 and 6 in my fantasy league.” So MEAT ME!

You can check out The Counter locations @

Despite the fact that he is extremely opinionated he is actually pretty good at what he does.

You can check out Matt Fite @  a FREE job site for Marketing Professionals for all your post death needs

Stay Focused,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME!