YEA! Sub the Biscuits for Waffles and add MORE Gravy!!! - The Waffle / by MEAT ME

Tuesday October 4th, 2011 10:26am

And thats exactly what I said. I woke up with the irresistible temptation of waffles and a horrible headache for biscuits and gravy. iHop was out of the question even though I do honor them for making their food look EXACTLY like the pictures in the menu. Much respect iHop (pounding my chest with my fist).

Heading east down Sunset I looked in the window of The Griddle, tempting with no waiting in line, I new that there had to be some where else more rewarding. Like a switch it hit me, thoughts of stiff sugary waffles sandwiched over fried chicken with lettuce and tomatoes. 

It was like a life size google drop pin had landed in the middle of hollywood and I was headed in that direction. Destination Granted. I pulled up to "the WAFFLE" with an empty curb spot waiting for me just out front, and not a soul was waiting outside.

I entered to a few seated individuals with one waitress buzzing around on her tip toes.  I seated myself at the counter, was greeted with a nice welcome and was handed a menu like I just, got, served! Now holding in my hands the map to destination heaven, like my beautiful sofisticated companion of love, I could not make up my mind (Love You Dear!). Waffles... or Biscuits & Gravy... or both, but how??? Some how this Sam's Club of happiness didn't have what I wanted, in writing, on the menu. 

Luckily the waitress dressed in a lovely hair bob and black thick brimmed glasses like a secretary awaited my order. Still unsure I ordered the diet Coke and, sure why the hell not, a chocolate shake. 

So after a few sips of my delicious shake I decided it was time. I will combine the classic waffle with the heavenly biscuits and gravy, minus the biscuits of course that would have been to much...  I would describe the scene as may be how the plans for the Great Wall of China would be presented to the Emperor in Great Detail!!! She insist are you sure? And I insisted on her not insisting, and replied, "Absolutely!". 

She came. I ordered. Done. 

So as the clocked ticked in my head as it does on Jeopardy, I waited. 3 minutes in, she pops her head out and says, "You want the gravy on top or on the side?" Really... I was offended that she even thought that I was an, on-the-side type of person... Not her fault, I replied with a quick "TOP!"

Minutes later, around the corner it came! I was sooooo excited, sprinkled with a tiny bit of "did I fuck this up?". I could almost see my dog wagging his tail as she served me with happiness!

I took my first bite and about died... It, was, AMAZING! It was better than I expected. The salty of the gravy with the square cut sausages (I know its the only meat in the meal but its there), mixed with the SWEET of the waffle, it was creaming everywhere (the gravy that is!). Once cut with a fork the waffle suck to the gravy as if they were meant-to-be. Rich as hell, but ohhhhhhh so good. Now the regret of taking up stomach space with the chocolate shake (which had beautiful neon sprinkles on top), I feel the battle begin to ensue for more GUT ROOM.

The waitress cruzes buy with a quick, "How is it?" as if everything came to a quick holt, I replied with a whisper almost about to tear... "Its glorious!' I said, "Its better than I could have ever imagined." 

I asked her with everything on the menu why they didn't have something so simple, yet when it entered your mouth, was so sophisticated. She said she'll ask them to add it... 

In the end I did not finish. Damn you shake, but it was amazing, and until its on the menu this is what I recommend you order, consume, swallow, and/or devour!!!

The Waffle is on Sunset just east of Vine, on the North Side of the street.
6255 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Until I make more room MEAT ME!

Sean Rice