reMEAT - the Waffle / by MEAT ME

Being up till late hours of the morning I rarely get the chance to enjoy a breakfast.  So the other day the stars just happen to align and I was given that chance. I couldn’t really thing of anything that was really striking my fancy so I went with the Waffle. I didn’t really feel I like I gave it much justice since it was my first blog write up. I new I ultimately had to get what I got before but some how make it better.

I showed up everything was almost exactly where I left it. I went back to the same counter seat and settled up for what I was hoping was going to be an awesome ride.  All the possible combinations running through my head, but what sticks out is the bacon. Then it clicks. Biscuits and gravy sub the biscuits for waffles and add bacon on top. That was it… the cosmos was now aligned.

The server came, I told her word for word what I wanted, and again got that same look. You know kind of like when a dog tilts its head after you have told it to get you a beer. I said, “Yep that is exactly what I want!”, and to save her time, “Yea not on the side, put it right on top!”.

Perfect! I had no idea what to do while I waited so I ordered the chocolate shake. it too was just as impressive as seeing Mount Everest itself. Super chocolately chocolateness with whip cream fluffed on top, drizzled with chocolate syrup. I was pretty hungry so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem of consumption

So in a matter of minutes I had the mountain of glory. It’s impressiveness what enough to quiet the entire room as the server brought it towards me. After the first bite, I was not only was it just as glorious as last time it had the sound of a choirs singing praise after every bite. The formula was the same except for one more thing, the bacon. The emotions went from salty, to sweet, and then back to salty. That was it! Finally my infinite circle of happiness was all mine.

Once again I could not finish, but marvel rather at it's ingenious existence.

Oh the waffle how you always deliver each time more than the last. So it there is anything I could add to this experience or any for that matter. Just when you think it is perfect, push it a little bit further,  and you might just surprise yourself at how clever you can MEAT ME.

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Think outside the biscuits,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME