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For lunch I hit McDonalds really quick! I never do that and I thought why not… And then I found out why… Here I was trying to get respect for my taste in food, and shamelessly, as I pull out of the drive-thru… Standing right in front of me was the owner of Baby Blues BBQ. We chatted a bit, and even Buddy my pit-bull was so embarrassed he hopped into the back seat to hide.

I felt so bad I new I had to at least redeem myself for dinner.

I couldn’t stay awake all day but when I woke… Cheeseburgers! That’s all I could think of. I pealed myself off my leather couch and headed back to Baby Blues BBQ. Why go back you might ask? Why the HELL not! 

It was dinner, I was hungry, the lady friend was having a girly night and I needed to reward my body for putting up with the horrible McCrap I ate for lunch. I dove down, parked, and walked in. It. Was. Packed… In a good way. In the past, in order to give places a chance to have a good review, I had spent most of my time going during off peak hours. Mostly to take the time to enjoy their food. I had forgotten what MEAT ME was all about. The EXPERIENCE, and how much fun it was to be around other people that were having just as much fun as I was eating food.

I didn’t even think about asking for a table… I knew being at the bar, was where I wanted to be.  I got my diet coke and ordered “The Willie Brown” it had 8oz prime chuck with American cheese and maple bacon. It it topped with crispy fried onions and sweet bbq sauce. 

Normally I would avoid the fried onions, and in the past I do, but since I was on such a roll with trying new things. I figured this was the right way to go… Right I was. It was like receiving a diploma. I had graduated from convenience to taking the time to enjoy things the way they were meant to be enjoyed .  The burger was nothing but BBQ goodness and the fries were great support. 

No defeats here I finished every bite. It even left me wishing there was more.

So for now all the times I went to places at off peak hours to favor the restaurants. I regret. From now on I will do things the way they were meant to be done.

If you try to cheat in life you will FAIL, and if you don’t believe that you can all go and MEAT ME!

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Keep It Real,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME!

reMEAT – Baby Blues BBQ