CAUGHT - Dancing Hot Dog!!! / by MEAT ME

I tired. I tired so hard to be discreet but I was caught. My plan tonight at the Halloween party was to breakout in dance and do 20 planking posts on TWITER in my HOT DOG costume. I am MEAT ME and I need to represent. I decided I was going to practice tonight by watching the Justing Timeberlake video from SNL on youtube of him in a BEER costume.

So as I attempted to get my grove on I turn around to find my girlfriend video taping my rehearsal. I was caught... Red Handed. ENJOY! You may have to turn up the volume...

Check me out tonight as I attempt to get 20 planking's as a hot dog and post them on twitter to promote my blog.

Party on my friends... And MEAT ME!

Love you ALL,
Sean Rice aka MEAT ME aka DANCING HOT DOG!