'BLACK SWAN SAUSAGE" - Chili Addiction / by MEAT ME

Today is Sunday, and in the fall in America it is usually associated with Football. Being the fantasy football owner that I am (and by no means am I any good) that can only go with 2 things, Hot Dogs and Chili. There are tons of places in LA that serve all types of this quintessential American meal. I have found this place  and I believe it dives way deeper into all the possibilities a Chili Cheese dog can be and more. I bring you Chili Addiction. The name pretty much says it all.

Now off the bat, I don’t want to confuse anyone. They don’t serve Black Swan Sausage, I just finished watching the movie and there were way to many parallels between that movie and my day. 

After the excitement of last night’s meal (or lack there of), the Misses decided to join me for some football food. Chili Addiction was not too crowded, but I give it about 6 months before I’ll see a line all the way to the Beverly Center. I could see this especially if they ever got some TV’s in there to watch some football (Hint, Hint). Unfortunately, their place is not very big (crowd boooo’s). So I would understand why they don’t have TV’s… get ‘em in, feed ‘em, and get ’em out.

But if there is a line to order, no worries, there are enough options and chili combinations on the menu to keep you deciding for a while.… Short line today, so I had to make it quick. I told the wonderful man behind the counter that I like ground beef chili. I also like the bean chili so I was thinking of getting a hot dog with each. He so kindly started to explain the different chilies… but being the ADD person that I am. I went right to the item on the menu in black bold italics that said Triple Truffle Blackout. It had Caramelized Onions, Homemade Truffle Aioli, Homemade Truffle Mustard, and Asiago Cheese.  Poor guy, I interrupted him “All that chili stuff you just told me about… is that on the website?”  He replied, “Yea!”, I said, “Good, I’ll have this one, and I am also gonna have…”

He stopped me right there. He said, ”Wait that’s the Triple Truffle its HUGE. Why don’t you have that and if your still hungry later, get something else!” This man saved my life and room in my fridge. My lady also got the Coney Island for us to share.

Now let me explain something. As many restaurants as I have been to. I have never familiarized myself with the term “Truffle”. Since I was little kid I associated truffle with the mental picture of a ballerina’s tutu (don’t ask me why, it just did). My sisters wore tutu’s, and I wanted nothing to do with that. So I have never eaten anything that had to do with truffle (I know I am weird, don’t ask me why).

So now that I got that out of the way, the bill came to about $48 bucks. I’m a sucker for a cool T-shirt so subtract $10, for 3 dogs and a soda, and you got yourself a deal. They have a lot to offer and they make everything home made and I mean everything. They even make their own ice cream and have a fridge that just sold their different kinds of chili. They are constantly coming out with new kinds of chili’s so who knows how many they actually have (It says more than 70 on the wall).  That’s serious fuckin’ dedication!

All the employees of Chili Addiction are very, very helpful. They love to geek out on anything and everything CHILI! And that’s just the type of people I wanna be ordering from. The atmosphere is great.

In COMING!!! Here comes the food, it was literally looked like he brought me half of a pool tube. This sausage was huge. We shared the Coney Island Dog with Main Line Chili, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, their fantastic homemade Yellow Mustard, and raw onion. My girl also got herself a Truffle Dog.

The Truffle Dog was awesome, just fitting that thing in my mouth was half the fun. It tasted like culture and tons of flavors exploding everywhere in my mouth. I felt if I had a giant beer next to me I’d feel like I was at Oktoberfest in Germany.  The “shared” Coney Island Dog was a roller coaster. I was having a hard time getting off of it… Yes, I did share, but it was hard.

When I started to think about the over all experience I realized that there was a lot going on there. It was hard to take it all in. Literally. I was left speechless when I walked out the door. My girl and I did a lot of eye rolling and starring. Ahh…. Ummm…. Yea… Absolutely. I was so full, I don’t think there was enough blood left in my brain, for me to come up with something to say. So at least I had time to think about it.

At home I had the movie Black Swan left over from Netflix, so my love my made dinner and we cuddled up to that. It too ended with a lot of ohh’s… hum’s…. and what the fucks. Once again at the end we stared at each other... speechless. 

Then It Hit Me!

Just because you have nothing to say doesn’t mean that it’s bad. The movie was amazing…  and so was the food.

So on certain one-of-a-kind occasions the best thing you can say… is saying absolutely nothing at all _ _ _ _  _ _!

BONUS WARNING! You may be over whelmed. But there is a plus to this… You get to come back and try something else the next time! Win… Win… I could spend forever reviewing this place.  Businesses like this are so smart. They keep adding new things, taking things away and bringing things back. Keeping the menu fresh keeps people coming back for more.

You can check out Chili Addiction at

Please note they are vegan friendly and are closed on Monday (Probably to make more chili).

They are located at:
408 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

After thoughts & Thanks:
Its somewhat amazing how you can spend all day wondering how things are going to work out and some how they just do. For instance all of the thoughts in my head have to be configured in a way that convey what it is that I am trying to tell you. I have to put those thoughts into words and then those words into an order that help you understand what exactly it is that I am trying to say.  Its pretty amazing to stop and think that we actually do that.

I have always been a visual person so communicating with people through words is new and very hard for me. It’s like learning a new language all over again.  I have always communicated through music, acting, and art. So everyday this blog is like mentally walking through a dark cave with a flash-light. I get to explore and find out new things about myself everyday, and I can only thank you for that. I appreciate your patience with my grammar.

So, Thank you!

Sean Rice