Back to Basix with Buddy!!! - Basix Café / by MEAT ME

So today I was so cutely woken up by Mr. Buddy. Buddy is always the first one up and our household. Knowing that I had gone to sleep at 3:30 am I knew if I was getting up to walk him, I was getting breakfast at the same time. Boom! 2 birds, 1 stone! Done.

Once Buddy has his mindset on something there is pretty much no changing it! So off to Basix Café we go. As soon as were out the front gate Buddy's instinct tells him to attack a couch. And in West Hollywood, if are going to put a couch on the side walk at least make it look good and make sure your creative!

Now Basix is one of those places that can change depending on what day of the week and time you go. Don’t think moody girlfriend kind of change... think game day Dodger Stadium kind of change. Its either packed on a Sunday morning with a 30 – 40 minute wait, or like our Tuesday morning. No one there, a hand full of chatty tables, and that’s it.

There are also 3 different types of vibes to this place. Which I think is really nice depending on who your company is. They have the in doors… its nice, have a conversation, like a coffee shop. The front patio… its loud, lots of cars, and people watching is great; for an evening or bloody mary’s on a Sunday… with pets (just like Church). Or... you have the side patio (sorry no drinks), pets allowed near a side street… also quiet. It says "tropical island motif" (just a little).

We decided to go with the side patio. No one around to attack or bark atGood Boy! Yes! He looks cute but he is afraid of everything... even awnings and table umbrellas. The servers here are always very attentive and never leave you hangin'.  The restaurant is what I would call “straight friendly”. I really don't have a P.C. way of saying it. We all call it “Gay Town”, and the straight are just as welcome!

 I am even starting to feel as if they love me here. Now every time I come here they always offer you a bowl of water for you fury companion. If they don’t... just ask and they would be more than glad to help you.

Now what to order… There really isn’t a bad item on the menu. This restaurant has a lot of healthy options (wait keep reading) but they also have a lot of dishes that favor taste over calories. It’s the morning. I have had 6 hours of sleep and I need something to energize me. So the Egg White Power Omelet is what I am going to have… but I will have hold the spinach and onions (see power gone). I am left with the egg whites, sausage, bacon (apple wood smoked by the way), and cheese. For the sides... I requested the potatoes and the english muffins.

The waiter arrives with my diet coke and water. I order, and away he goes as if fiercely walking down a fashion runway… I love it! When a server takes your order to the kitchen with that much confidence, it really makes me feel like I ordered the right thing.

So as I wait for my food I see an Anderson Cooper look-a-like running down the street and talking to some kids. In one of the photos it even looks like Jack from Lost stopped by... just to see if anyone needed a doctor. It kinda felt like I was watching breaking news of the earthquake in Haiti (God bless them). Except it was West Hollywood and very awkward. You see… people don’t run in this city unless their jogging, it ruins their side walk presence. Secondly, you never see kids on the street, or in this town… EVER. It is as rare as seeing Jesus walk up and down the streets (by the way there is a man who looks and dresses just like Jesus, who walks... up and down... the streets).

Yea! Buddy waggs his tail. Foods here! And he’s not getting any! Sorry Bud!  It looks like perfection. Everything is placed exactly where it belongs. The muffins are crispy and soft at the same time. The potatoes have just enough spices to hit the spot and the omelet is like a loaded freight train headed right for my stomach. Pure bliss bite... after bite. I love it… but wait... its missing something… “Tap-a-fucking-tio”!!!  Hot sauce! It needs hot sauce!

Now here is the deal with Tapatio at this place. They don’t “carry” it. For some reason they don’t. But… If you ask, the'll bitch a little, and then the'll go get it from the valet guys because they keep a little bottle of Tapatio in their valet stand! God Bless Them!

This time I didn't ask, I was just too hungry. So don't get me wrong it is still amazingly good. Now that I am loaded all up like a big rig, for a little over $14 with tip, they send me... and Buddy... a-packin’.

It’s time for the dreaded walk up the hill, but luckily... I have the dog to pull me. Thanks Buddy!

So what did I learn from my experience…

All you need is good service, good food, and good company! It sounds to me like they got it right, by going back... to the Basix (wink)… so MEAT ME!

You can find out more about Basix Café at
8333 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Thank you
Sean Rice
aka MEAT ME!