2015 Tundra TRD PRO to Race the Baja 1000 / by Sean Rice

So much excitement was building for the truck they decided to release a teaser image the day before.

After being teamed up with the highly respected photographer and friend Tony Di Zinno  the "A" Team), I was given the opportunity to shoot the PR photos for the all new Tundra TRD PRO that is set to race in the Baja 1000. Now this truck hasn't been completely overhauled, they are using an almost completely stock, standard, dealer issued, right off the line, truck - to run the 1000 mile race in Baja, Mexico. With a few modifications like bucket seats, a roll cage, and bigger suspension this ferocious beast will attempt to tame 1,000 miles of Mexico's treacherous Baja desert. The drivers are set to be Any Bell, Jamie Bestwick, Ryan Millen and Ted Moncure.

Racer Media presented me with the idea of doing the shoot in the shop. I couldn't think of a better way to convey the message that this was a bad ass vehicle that deserved just as much respect as the vehicles it was competing against. This got my ideas flowing on how I wanted to light the truck especially since black trucks always present a challenge. For almost all of my shoots I like to sketch out the idea so the Art Director can see almost exactly what I am thinking about.

Initial Sketch idea for photo shoot.

With a lot of my photographic illustrations most of the images are photographed as parts or pieces and then assembled in photoshop to create the final image. The reason behind this is to have more control over the lighting of the various parts and pieces. It would take too much time and equipment for me to light and shoot 3 shots in this one location. The original idea started in front of a stack of tires outside, and has now evolved into the warehouse shop floor. Once inside I knew I wanted to top light the other car bays to make the Toyota look as intimidating as it was, while keeping it the main focus so the viewer would not get distracted by all the other elements in the shop. This allowed me to add in other props like the tires and tool benches to keep the shot more authentic. I really didn't wanted to change the organic look and feel of the shop. There were already existing sky lights so I used strobe to over power the daylight but other than that everything was almost exactly as it was. 

I was very happy with the end product and so was everyone over at Toyota. I look forward to the next job and I would like to give everyone who helped me out a very big THANK YOU!!! These shots are a lot of work and could not be done without everyone's help.

John Tondro "TJ" the builder of the Toyota TRD PRO at Terrible Herbst.


Sean C Rice